Saturday, December 11, 2004

Somebody Analyze my dream...PLEASE!!!!

And don't tell me I am on Crack Tara!

I had the most bizzare dream last night. So I will start at the beginning.

Myself, Tara and Mel are standing in line waiting to get into a choir competition in Phoenix. I believe its a college competition. As we wait in line, my ex boyfriend, his best friend from high school and his brother walk up. We will call the ex-boyfriend BW. (Tara and Mel you know who this is...Cactus) BW is like awestruck with me and says "Hello" and "Long time no see" (Very atypical of BW). The friend and brother follow. I am also taken aback by BW and almost mezmerized unable to control emotions. We approach the door, hand the person our tickets and go inside. Its open seating so BW and crew decide to sit with us and Tara and Mel are excited about it. As we head for our seating area, I decide to go to the bathroom to gain some control over myself. They just say they will meet me at the seats. I said ok and go to the bathroom. (Fade out)

The next scene, I am walking down the stairs and BW's brother is 2 rows above Mel, Tara and BW and the friend is sitting 1 row directly behind BW. There is a seat for me between Tara and BW with Mel sitting next to Tara on the other side. I approach the aisle and BW turns around and says "What took you so long?" and I said "There was a lady changing diapers for 3 kids in the only bathroom available. So there was a line." I sit down and ask Mel who's up first and she said "I dunno Punk."

Then I turn to BW who looks at me and says he has missed me so very much. And he was sorry for what has happened in the past. (Yeah right, he would NEVER say this) Then he leaned into me and kissed me. Ever so sweetly and very gentle. He moved slightly away from my face after the gentle kiss gave me a wink and leaned back in. This time, it was a much deeper kiss that started off all right but progressively got harder. Meaning he was pushing against my face with his harder. Almost to a painful point. I couldn't get him off me. That goes on for about 5 minutes and my friends nor his say anything. They just talk amongst themselves while we make out amid them.

When he finished, he looked back at me and said "I have waited so long to do that. I should have done that when we were in high school. I was so stupid." (No way he would say that either)Then he looked down the rub the leg of his pants as to relax a wrinkle and notices his pants are at his ankles. (I didn't do it while kissing, for sure) He giggled and picked them back up and buttons them. Then he places his hand on my thigh and I notice my pants are almost to my ankles but I had a sweatshirt spread over my lap so it wasn't as noticable. (He didn't remove my pants himself either) He moved in for the kill by hand (so to speak) and I stopped him. And I picked up and rebuttoned my pants. We both looked at each other and giggled. We leaned in for another kiss that was perfectly passionate just as the lights went down for the competition to begin. Our friends said "You guys are so cute but lets participate in what we are really here for." (Fade out)

That was the end of the dream.

A little background on BW. When we were together in high school, he lied to me, cheated on me, broke up with me over email and was technically my first boyfriend. He was the first person to say "I love you" to me and me back to him (Although I know now that I never really meant it and didn't know what love was then. So I can't really consider him the "First Love") He really was an overall asshole but an incredible musician. My love for a certain type of classical music came from him. Other than that, I almost truly hate this guy. But more so feel sorry for him and his stupidity throughout his life.

That is all I have to say about that. I am totally weirded out by this dream. Any input would be appreciated. Anything. I need some understanding. Blah.


At December 13, 2004 at 12:18 AM, Blogger Angel said...

Ewwwwwwwww...BW?!?! First of all, bad Manda for even giving him a second thought. I'm going to say you dreamed about him because something you did or saw triggered a memory of him. Or there is the VERY slight (extremely almost non-existant) possibility that you are experiencing the "what if" thing that some of us do when looking back on our pasts. Hopefully, it was just a fluke, and it will NEVER happen again.

*can you guess how I know you? :)


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