Saturday, March 26, 2005


Ok. You have to check out this website. Someday I will do this. OMG SOMEDAY!!!


Does that look cool or what! Oh soon will I partake. What a great adventure for 2! Woot!

Not a whole lot going on in my life. Eat, work, sleep, eat, work, sleep. It never changes. I swear. Work is going well however.

Jeff is doing quite well. He is pretty sure he got his culinary internship down in Junction City at the country club called Shadow Hills I believe. He is very excited. He may not admit it but you can see it in his eyes. When he talks about it he gets this little boy with a new toy look in his eyes. He is so cute. I am so proud of him. It's really nice that he finally has something to put his heart into. I could always tell he wasn't happy at WSU. I am just glad he found something he loves doing.

I am working on finishing my management training so I can be promoted by the Fall. All is going well with that so it should happen and I can then put in for a transfer to the Eugene area. Finally, people won't think I live in CANADA! I can say Oregon. HAHA!

Hmm...I don't know that I have more to say. (Sorry Mel) I really will try to update more. My work schedule is just so crazy. I don't get much time to be on my computer. So very sad. And when I am not working I am doing one of 3 things: eating, sleeping or spending quality time with the man I love. But I will sincerely try harder to update more to keep you all informed.


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