Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Britney Federline can kiss my A$$

That's a BIG ASS WTF??? I cannot believe that someone was stupid enough to give that slut and her fucktard of a husband a reality show. It is the downfall of television I tell you. Screw UPN. It is a darn good thing I don't have a show I like on it. Because I am now boycotting UPN. Screw them and their "DOCUMENTATION OF LOVE" GIVE ME A FRIGGIN BREAK! God help us all! They video taped most of this show themselves. YIKES! HELLO PORNO! WITH COMMENTARY NONE THE LESS. GAWD! "Expressing my personal life through art" BARF BARF BARF. And the AOL poll said 68% of people polled WOULD NOT watch it! HAHAHAHA!

Ok enough is enough. I just heard on the news that FOX is creating a 24 hour reality tv channel. When does this shit stop! Oy!