Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Ok so I will update. After being chastised for months...I will update. I am busy ok. I am working like a crazy animal. I am like a boring working world slave ape as I described it today. Thank God I am paid half way decently. Well ok not really.

Work work work...that is all I do I swear. I have no life and I am boring. Nothing to really write about.

Jeff graudated from Culinary school last week Thursday and is now looking for a job in the Eugene/Corvallis Oregon area. That is where he wants to live...and if he succeeds which I am sure he will with his references raving as they are...I will move there eventually as well. After the first of the year of course...have to suffer the holiday season which is starting already. YICK! I hate Christmas already. I had to put out Christmas china this week. Blah.

I am going home to Arizona at the end of September. In case anyone cares...

I guess I do have one interesting story...since "some people" are incredibly interested in my life...or lack of life.

So at Walgreens we have a one-hour photo service and we also process CD's from film and digital media. This is so we can put pictures on computers for email and such as we all know. As a manager, I cover photo while my technician is on break/lunch or giving breaks/lunches. And one day, there was this rather large woman who came in...she was probably my age ok. She has a single roll of film and wants double prints and a CD. I take her film and say no problem they will be done in an hour. No biggie. Ok so I process the film in the processor and bring it over to our other machine that makes the prints. Yes we have TWO separate machines. Really quite cool actually. Anywho....so I enter the film into the carrier and we can view and edit coloring and what not on pictures so we see a preview of the pictures...and once it read all the film....CROTCH! Nothing but pictures of T & A and CROTCH! Oh my GOD I THOUGHT I WAS GUNNA DIE! We have a pornography policy so I had to put this little sheet of paper in there that we do not wish to print your pornography anymore. Some people will not print it at all...but since I am female and just used to the parts...I just pressed print on all screens and didn't look. That was the most disgusting thing I ever saw and all I could think that this was going to be on fatgirls.com or bigbootiecall.com or something sick like that. So I took necessary precautions and placed paper over the print exit roller so passersby could not see what was printing and blah blah blah. Thank god I didn't have to be there when this chick picked them up. COME ON PEOPLE! WALGREENS IS A FAMILY STORE! WE DON'T WANT TO SEE PORN! STUPID. EW!

Ok...so I need to go now. Jeff and I are going out for chinese and I don't think I have anything more interesting to say. So perhaps it won't be another 4 months before I update again...but you never know with it being HOLIDAY SEASON. Barf.


At August 23, 2005 at 4:41 PM, Blogger Groove Salad said...

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, see now THAT'S funny!

Update more! I like stories about morons!

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